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Canadians visiting CMR Witbank’s projects ~ (Emalahleni)
On the 13th of February I was fortunate enough to visit some of CMR Witbank’s projects. What a pleasant surprise it was when I heard that some Canadians will also be visiting some of CMR Witbank’s projects as they have found it worthwhile visiting our projects to see where they can help make a difference.
We met at Spring Valley crèche. Spring Valley is situated on the outskirt of Witbank/Emalahleni. I was shocked to see that there are still people living without bare necessities like electricity, flushing toilets and running water.

The locals come from far across this village/township to fetch water from a JoJo tank with buckets. One couldn’t help but notice the buckets full of water standing around in and around the wendy houses at Spring Valley crèche, it is with great sadness to say that I won’t even drink that water & those poor people don’t have a choice. The Canadians said they will look into this matter and see if a JoJo tank can be erected for Spring Valley crèche and in the long term see if it isn’t possible for a borehole for limitless access to clean water.

The Canadians also blessed these people with few bags full of groceries and some fresh fruits, which were much appreciated.
Even though we have received donations before (from which the upgrades are visible), there is still a great need for donors to donate to this project to help make a difference in these people’s and small children’s lives.

Puppet Show training for NeGeMaDi students
We have a training centre for Social Auxiliary workers which is called NeGeMadi. We have quite a few students currently busy with this course and the next group is about to start with their course. Bellow you will see photos of the puppet show training they received.
Mrs. Marietjie Smal gave training to the NeGeMaDi students on the different aspects of Puppet Shows on the 21st of February.
*We wish the students best of luck with the final stretch of their Auxiliary course.

Career Day 2012
Career day was held at the Eastdene Community hall on the 8th & 9th of February 2012. Hundreds of High School pupils (Grade 9 and Grade 12) have been reached during the annual Career day held by the Business Linkage Centre of Middelburg Chamber of Commerce. The number of pupils interested in Social-, Auxiliary- and Ancillary work have exceeded drastically from the figures from last year.