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The Lowveld is equipped with various Social workers and auxiliary workers in non-government organisations, departments and private sector. Due to each one’s diversity, there are limited opportunities for support, co-operation and networking with each other.

The Christian Social Counsel (CMR) Lowveld, under the supervision of Me Trienie Drotschie, saw this need and provided the opportunity on 2015.04.24 in White river at the NG Church foyer for Social workers and auxiliary workers to come together for the first Social workers association for wellness and training meeting.

54 Social workers and auxiliary workers attended this opportunity. Dr Susan Louw, Director of CSC started the day by addressing everyone on the definition and characteristics of a profession and ended it on how Social Workers and auxiliary workers can keep their passion and let passion built the profession.

Me Nadia Mengel, Social worker of the Family Advocate’s office, also ad-dressed everyone on the functions of the Family Advocates office and how referrals are done.

The success of this day was due to the attendance and support of Social workers and auxiliary workers who has the need to get to know one another and provide support and network with one another.

This opportunity will be provided once a quarter and is open for all Social Workers and auxiliary workers. The next opportunity is on 31 July 2015 with the theme: Sensory intelligence.

We are looking forward to take SWAWT to successful heights, meet and network with Social work professionals in the Lowveld region.