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The CMR in Mpumalanga renders an adoption service.  It is a specialty field, based on Christian values and it takes the interests of biological parents, adoptive parents and children into account.


Couples or single parents meeting the following criteria:

  • Applicants who are actively involved in their church and who will raise children in a religious tradition.
  • Healthy people (physical and psychological) with a normal life expectancy.
  • They should already be 24 years old when they apply.
  • No persons with biological, foster or adopted children will be considered. If there are children from previous marriages, they must be in the care of the other parent.
  • Their financial position must be sound: permanent job, pension, insurance etc.
  • They must be willing to be screened medically, psychological, religious and social.
  • They must be willing to pay for administrative costs. The money will be utilized to cover the organisations costs and it is no guarantee that a baby will be placed with them, eventually.
  • Persons living in the following areas may apply: Witbank, Middelburg, Hendrina, Belfast, Ermelo, Piet Retief, Carolina, Volksrust, Nelspruit, Barberton, Bosbokrand, Lydenburg, Burgersfort and Phalaborwa.  Certain areas in Limpopo are also included:  Groblersdal, Marble Hall, Ga-Phaalha, Roossenekal.

Adoption Information


Phone the office of the adoption worker at (013) 243 4776


Write a letter to:

The Adoption worker
CMR Mpumalanga
P.O. Box 22137


Visit us at: 23 Dr Beyers Naude Street


Send an e-mail to:  sekrm@cmroos.co.za
Attention:  The Adoption Worker

After you communicated with us through one of these means, you will receive an information brochure and the following forms to determine if you are eligible to be approved as an adoptive parent.

  • Application form
  • Medical form
  • Church form

The following documents will also be needed

  • Certified ID copies
  • Police clearance
  • Form 30 clearance

Please note that forms completed by a family member will not be accepted.  Documents such as Id’s etc. must be certified and Form 30 must be the original document.

After these documents have been received and presented to the committee for approval the process can continue as follows:

  • Appointments with a physiologist
  • Appointment with the social worker
  • Home visit

The following documents will then be needed

  • Marriage certificate
  • Salary slips or income statements
  • Color photo’s


  • After receiving all the reports, the application is presented to the committee for adoptions.
  • People are informed in writing about the decision of the panel.
  • No reasons will be given, if the application is unsuccessful.


  • After the person/s has been screened, their names are placed on a waiting list for screened adoptive parents.
  • They are considered every time a baby becomes available for adoption, through the procedure of matching.


  • While the applicants are on the waiting list, we keep in touch with them through telephone calls, letters and pamphlets.
  • Group sessions to prepare them for placement are presented.
  • They receive training on how to tell the children about their adoption.
  • The highlight is when a baby is placed. After care services are available on request.


Sometimes babies are difficult to place due to disabilities or certain hereditary illnesses.   Applicants, who declared themselves willing and were found capable during the screening process of dealing with disability or illness, will be considered.


A baby available for adoption is placed where he/she will fit the best.  The biological and adoptive parents’ circumstances are fitted into each other like a jigsaw puzzle.

Things to be considered:

Religious and cultural group
Ethnical group, nationality
Gender – preference of the adoptive parents is taken into account.
Geographical distance – where do the biological and adoptive parents stay?
Social indicators
Level of education, intelligence
Talents eg. Sport, music or art
Personality types
Physical appearance and length etc.
Color of eyes
Color of hair

We use photos and genograms as aids during the process.


Application for adoption is no guarantee that the application will be screened and even if they are screened there is no guarantee that a baby will be placed with them.  There are only a few babies available for adoption and many people who want to adopt.

All information will be dealt with in a confidential manner.


Mrs A. Badenhorst
Tel:  (013) 243 4776
e-mall:  sekrm@cmroos.co.za

The fee structure is only to indicate what you might be paying.  Consultations, reports, court appearances, admin and traveling costs are paid out of the fees.

Fees payable to accredited child protection organization

  • Group orientation: R1000 per session
  • Interview/Counseling: R630
  • Home visits: R630
  • Report: R3160 per report
  • Court processes: R630 per day
  • Birth registration: R675
  • Administration cost: R420
  • After-care services: R500 once-off payment
  • Origin enquiry/Tracing: R300 per hour
  • Additional cost e.g. Psychological evaluation, newspaper add

Debit orders can be used as a payment method.


Psychologist Amount
Consultation without a medical aid R1850.00 per person
Administration fees using a medical aid R50.00
Discovery medical aid patients Will need to pay a cash amount