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Children from the community were without adult supervision after school as parents were still at work. The Centre was established in 2005 by providing lunch for the children and having volunteers who were helping with homework activities.

The Centre now has developed to be a well-managed Centre that protects and support children. In collaboration with DSD, they have built 4 big classrooms, administration block and toilets. Their classes have CCV Cameras and the Centre manager can monitor all activi-ties and progress. They also offer Career-

guidance to the children in cooperation with Mondi EduCare. Educational trips such as the UShaka trip and Kruger National Park during school holidays, is not only educational, but make little heart’s dreams come true.

Currently the Centre applied to extend their services to be registered as a Drop-Inn Centre as well.

They are blessed and identify the potential to do more for the community with what they have.