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How can you help us?

Our Corporate Partnership

Did you know?

1.  Financial contributions, whether a debit order, donation or other. 

You may ask for a Sec. 18 (a) certificate when you donate into this account.

CMR Mpulanga is a NPO Reg no 034-569

ABSA Cheque Account Details
Branch: Middelburg
Account Name: Christelike-Maatskaplike Raad (CMR) Mpumalanga
Account Number: 4059382281
Branch Code: 334350

2.  The bequeathment of assets  –  Do you or do you know someone who wants to bequest money to the CMR? – Call us on (013) 243 4776. It can be used to fund and sustain all our services;

3.  Donations in cash or kind – Donate non-monetary items e.g. clothes, non-perishable foods, items for specific projects e.g. toys are welcome at any of our office in the region;

4.  Volunteer your services – In our contexts a volunteer is a person with a community spirit who offer freely of his or her time, ideas, ideals, resources, knowledge and talents in an area of their individual choice without monetary compensation.

Become a volunteer at any of CMR offices!  Contact the CMR closest to you to find out how you could be of assistance.  There are so many ways to help!  for example –

  • Assist us in the preparation and delivery of food parcels and clothes.
  • Participate and share your expertise in our training programmes.
  • Take a child to a place of safety when it is required.
  • Help us with creativity programmes to uplift, educate and empower people to eventually help themselves and function independently.
  • Assist us with fundraising.
  • The pro-bono contributions of professional services are welcome to endorse the work of the CMR by providing valuable expertise.

The following list is about corporations who are already involved in our organisation.

CMR as a registered NGO and NPO has to raise funds to cover the costs incurred. These funds are received from various sources.


The largest donor to the work done by CMR is the Department of Social Services of Mpumalanga. The province provides finances in the form of subsidies.

The government subsidies are less than 50% of the total expense budget.

Over the past number of years CMR has been fortunate to receive funding from the National Lotteries Distribution Trust fund. Received a single donation in 2014.

The Synod of the DRC East contributes to the work. Many members of local churches do voluntary work at programmes where they serve on the management committees or are involved in direct service delivery.

Members are also donors that support the work and help CMR reach out to the most vulnerable in society.


When your company has a B-BBEE status, you will benefit by investing in CMR Mpumalanga.
We issue you with an SED certificate for the full amount donated, which you can use as proof to claim full points for Social Economic Development on your B-BBEE scorecard.
Broad-based black economic empowerment has now been in existence for more than five years.
While some companies have their scorecards in place, there are still many who are not yet compliant.2012 is likely to be a key year in B-BBEE.

B-BBEE scorecards
While there is no legislation which forces a company to obtain a B-BBEE scorecard, it has become a requirement for government tendering. This change became effective as of December 7, 2011. While there is a window period in effect for certain government institutions to implement the new procurement regulations, companies involved in regular tenders will need to be ready.
However, companies not tendering cannot assume that they will be unaffected. A significant part of the calculation of a company’s B-BBEE score includes a review of the expenditure with and scorecards of its suppliers (Preferential Procurement). Therefore, a tendering company is now more than ever going to be contacting each of its suppliers to obtain its score. In some cases, they may even change from non-compliant suppliers in order to improve their own score.
What further complicates matters in 2012, is that as of March 1, new targets have been implemented in the calculation of certain elements of the B-BBEE scorecards, including increases in the targets for Preferential Procurement.

B-BBEE verification
Over the past few years, only South African National Accreditation System (Sanas) registered entities and individuals, were able to perform B-BBEE verification. In 2012, this is set to change. Registered auditors, after completing a certificate course, can now be accredited through the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors (Irba) to perform verifications and issue B-BBEE certificates. Proposed changes to the various applicable acts have paved the way for Irba eventually to take over the accreditation and oversight of B-BBEE, and in doing so enhance the credibility of verification certificates.

The good news – making B-BBEE work for you
It is important to remember that even without black ownership or directors, a company is still able to obtain a respectable B-BBEE score. Stabiles Incorporated would appreciate the opportunity to make B-BBEE work for you by:

•    Assisting in gathering documentation necessary for verification
•    Calculating preliminary scores for your company
•    Advising on strategies to improve your score
•    Training to maintain and improve your score in future

Its sister company, A2A Kopano Incorporated, is accredited by Irba to provide verification services and issue B-BBEE certificates.
A company does not need to be an audit client of A2A to benefit from its B-BBEE service.
*Article from Middelburg Observer – Mpumalanga Mirror – February 28, 2012